Mach32 (XFree 2.0) problem

Mach32 (XFree 2.0) problem

Post by Valiant Gou » Tue, 30 Nov 1993 16:47:06

  I just recieved an ATI Ultra XLR, with 2mb of memory.  I'm using the
XF86_Mach32 driver from XFree2.0.  The problem is that it refuses to use
more then 1024k of memory, so I can't go above 1024x768.  It won't
recognize the rest, and if I set 'videoram 2048', it dies saying that
the max for videoram is 1024.  The thing is that the XF86_SVGA driver
recognizes the 2048, without any problems, and lets me do higher
resolutions.  Has anyone come across this problem before (and know how to
fix it)?

Valiant Gough


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I have newly installed XFree 2.0 on Gateway 4DX2-66V with 17 inch Mitsubish
17FS monitor and ATI Graphics Ultra Pro /w 2MB VRAM.  I created the Xconfig
file, but when I start X, the resolution and frequence seems to be fine,
but the color was ... interesting.  Not only the color was off, but the
the top portion of color was different from bottom portion, with different
shades of colors in between.  I can't explain too well, but it does look
quite pyschedelic.  Anyone knows why?


Andrew Kim

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