trouble, root mounted read-only

trouble, root mounted read-only

Post by gabe.. » Mon, 19 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am having trouble booting my new 1.3.64 kernel from
a floppy.  The new kernel mounts my root partition (/ )
as a read-only partition.  All attempts at handling
the /etc/mtab, /etc/utmp, /etc/wtmp, files fail.  (They
are deleted, moved, and recreated by my init program.)

Everything works fine when I go back to my good old
kernel 1.2.8 .

kernel 1.3.64
gcc    2.7.2
libc   5.2.18  1.7.14

Any comments or advice are greatly appreciated.  Post or

                thanks, bill e.g.


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