HELP NEEDED - Converting SCO users biz.sco.general

HELP NEEDED - Converting SCO users biz.sco.general

Post by Shahid Ikram Bu » Mon, 03 Oct 1994 19:37:16

Okay, Okay I should have crossposted it in the first place.
I posted an article under the subject : "Does nobody here know about
Linux ? " in biz.sco.general few hours ago and already have a good
response. This is an honest attempt to convert SCO users to Linux.
Hopefully we'll get attention of some developers and they might think
about porting their popular application to Linux.

If you have been enjoying Linux without paying for it then now is a
good time to pay back to Linux community. Your job is to get more
and more people to start using Linux instead of any other OS. The
more people use Linux, more applications, faster development etc.
etc. Its a good thing you see. Jump to biz.sco.general now and
participate in that discussion.


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