Multiple boot with Lilo - SCO in particular

Multiple boot with Lilo - SCO in particular

Post by Michal Jaegerma » Sat, 28 May 1994 06:40:14

I tried to setup a hard disk so it would be possible to boot
Linux (default), MS-DOS and SCO.  Linux is the most recent
Slackware distribution.  Lilo is set to boot from MBR on a SCSI disk.

Everything was simple as long as we dealt with MS-DOS and Linux
only.  After adding SCO Linux was still booting, but it was
"could not find boot" for SCO, until - in a fit of adventurism -
we decided to make SCO partition active.  Right now it boots
like it was planned from the very beginning, but I still have
two questions:
  - why it is SCO partition which has to be active and is it normal,
    or we screwed something badly?
  - what if one would want/need two OSes fighting for an active partition?

I guess that some confusion stems from a fact that documents describing
Lilo, which I found on sunsite, seems to have be only loosely connected
with the stuff which actually operates on my system.