WANTED: Quake hosting help wanted...

WANTED: Quake hosting help wanted...

Post by Jurgen Bo » Sun, 28 Jul 1996 04:00:00

>    On July 4th, 1996 I happened to catch the first release of
>Linux Quake being discussed.  As a regular on LinuxNET, the host of a
>LinuxNET server (linux.cia.net), and a longer term fan of Linux I
>offered to help everyone out by also hosting a small site for Quake.
>    Therefor, I am looking for interested individuals or sites who
>will add quake to their ftp sites.  Please let me know so I can list your
>site and full path to the game in my machine.  Unfortuantly If this high
>amount of connectivity continues I will be forced to discontinue offering

I will be able to do this in a week or two when I get our T3 up (we have
a T1 now, and since our service depends on it and it's pretty full, I don't
want to put additional load until then).

But I have a question... I don't understand how you came to be the only
site that carries linux quake.  Why isn't it on id's site?  


Sr System Administrator
InReference, Inc.


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  I was recently forced to reinstall linux (hint: rm -rf / is *not* a
  good idea) and settled on debian 2.0.3, as distributed on the Linux
  developer's resource.

  After some initial trouble, I managed to get everything working
  again, except for quake. squake fails with a segmentation fault

  My guess is that this is because the version I'm running
  (squake-1.1, don't know where I got it) is linked with the wrong

  How do I fix this ? Is there a newer version available ?

        Thanks in advance,

If Lee Iaccoca were a vampire, would he be an autoexec.bat?  

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