Segmentation errors

Segmentation errors

Post by Jack Mot » Sat, 08 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have sometimes encountered segmentation errors while running software
on linux.  I would appreciate knowing various methods for tracking down
the specific sources of these errors.  The only solution to these
problems I have found is to do a partial or complete re-installation of
linux -- not a very precise or elegant solution.

It has been suggested to me that this problem is related to a corrupted
or missing shared library.  The segmentation problems went away when I
upgraded from an old ESDI disk to a newer IDE drive (The old ESDI drive
seemed to require some fdisk action on 50% of the bootups -- the IDE
drive has never exhibited any bootup problems.)

The only software I have any problem with segmentation errors now is
spice (version 3e2), and only with certain operating commands.

Charles Mott


1. Driver functions after a Segmentation Error

A driver I was writing failed with a Segmentation Error because of some
stupid things I did.  But after that happened, I ran a few programs of mine
to try to isolate the failure. Several were observed to run properly because
I could see the proper signals on a 'scope, but the system log written to
via printk was never updated after that failure (I could tell this because
those same functions are known to write several unique messages to the log.)

Is it somehow normal behavior that a driver can be invoked after a seg-error
but it can't update the system log?  I'd really like to get an explanation
for why this happened.


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