term and ping, traceroute, smail

term and ping, traceroute, smail

Post by Hymi » Sun, 24 Sep 1995 04:00:00


i'm still playing with term.  it works well with almost everything.

i'm trying to get termified versions of ping, traceroute, and smail working.
i've followed the howto's and readme's (as far as i can see), but it doesn't
want to work.  i get the same error each time --

connect: Network is unreachable
(ping and traceroute)
sendto: Network is unreachable

the fact that the error is the same makes me think that maybe i did something
wrong.  several termified progs, like telnet, netscape and ftp, work fine.
maybe i should just count my blessings, but if i can get traceroute and
ping to work, i'd be happy.

if this error looks familiar to somebody, and he/she can point me in the
right direction, i'd be grateful.

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1. Help smail/smail+term problems


I have upgraded my smail to smail+term from termify0.3
I have the two unrelated problems
1. when an non super user mail the mail is not delivered and
    when using the -v option
   I get the following message.

   creat_spool failed!

   smail worked prior to the change, smail works fine locally for root.
   it looks like a permission problems, I have check the files, and they look
   OK. Any ideas how to debug or fix it.

2. mail dose not go outside the local machine.
   when I type:

   I get the following.
Subject: test
Null message body; hope that's ok
new spool file is /var/spool/smail/input/0rD5n1-0002EuC
|            from: root
|         program: send-mail
|            size: 99 bytes

transport termsmtp uses driver tcpsmtp
transport termsmtp: connect to host localhost []/2025...transport
termsmtp: connect: Connection refused

Connection refused

I have added the following entry to /etc/services, and it did not help either.
termsmpt        2025/tcp        mail

Any help will be appreciated

NAME   Oz Dror, Los Angeles, California    <<SCO UNIX since  3/90>>

PHONE  (213) 874-7978  Fax (213) 874-7965

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