US-CA-San Jose: Linux support, marketing, shipping jobs at Yggdrasil

US-CA-San Jose: Linux support, marketing, shipping jobs at Yggdrasil

Post by Adam J. Richt » Wed, 06 Sep 1995 04:00:00

        Jobs Described in this posting:
                o Marketing Manager
                o Technical Support
                o Office Assistant & Shipper

        Yggdrasil Computing, Inc. is a free software company that
makes Linux products and sells Linux technical support.  Our Linux
CDROM was the first runnable free operating system CDROM ever
published, and we expect our new release to become the standard ELF
environment for Linux.  Our other products include The Linux Bible, a
1500+ page book with CD-ROM, now in its third edition, and Linux
Internet Archives, a collection of Linux FTP areas arranged on five

        We try to create a nice work environment at Yggdrasil.  The
furniture is nice and computing hardware is relatively powerful (every
engineer has at least one 486dx2-66 or better).  We keep a
refrigerator stocked with free soft drinks and juice, and every
employee can get a free SLIP connection for the asking.  We have a
revenue sharing plan that gives everyone some extra pocket change when
business is good.  We offer optional 75% subsidized health insurance
for our employees, which also includes dental and optical plans.

        If you are interested in any of the jobs below, please send
your resume and salary requirements in complete confidence by any
convenient method to:

                Adam J. Richter
                Yggdrasil Computing, Inc.
                4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 205
                San Jose, CA 95129
                (408) 261-6630
                fax: (408) 261-6631


        Arrange advertising and trade show exhibits; create press
releases and marketing literature; communicate closely with our
business partners, other strategic members of the Linux community, and
the media; critique, improve and expand our marketing plans.
Knowledge in any of the following areas is desirable: printing, direct
mail, production of trade show displays, unix, linux, a foreign
language, journalism.  An MBA or marketing degree would be a plus, but
industry experience is what we will consider the most heavily.


        This job primarily entails helping people with Linux over the
phone.  We are looking for people who "live in linux", preferably
contributors to the free software community.  You should enjoy helping
people to use Linux and to do new things with Linux.  You should be
polite and professional, in addition to being extremely knowledgeable
about a wide variety of Linux software.  You should have a computer
science degree or equivalent experience.  Foreign language
capabilities are a plus.  This job could also be divided into
part-time positions.


        Answer the phones, route calls, enter orders, ship the day's
orders.  Knowledge of linux or unix would be a plus, but is not
necessary.  This job could be divided into part-time positions.

Adam J. Richter                           Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated
(408) 261-6630                            "Free Software For The Rest of Us."


1. US-CA-San Jose-UNIX Systems Administrator-Ben Martin

POST TITLE:                     US-CA-San Jose-UNIX Systems
Administrator-Ben Martin

POSITION:                       UNIX Systems Administrator

SKILLS:                         Looking for a strong UNIX Administrator
with C programming background.
                                Any C++ or networking experience would be a

PROJECT INFO:                   Project is a permanent opportunity.
Looking immediately.

WHO WE ARE:                     Mini-Systems Associates is an employment
service firm focused primarily
                                on high tech positions in the software and
engineering industries.  MSA has
                                offices spanning the West Coast and has
been serving the needs (both contract
                                and permanent) of employers nationwide.

HOW TO RESPOND:                 Include a copy of this page with your
resume in an E-mail or fax.
                                Send it Attn: CHARLES WOLFUS


  \ 14535 Bel-Red Road, Suite 200         (206) 644-0200 FAX      \
   \ Bellevue, WA 98007                                            \

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