Tux Paint 2002.08.23

Tux Paint 2002.08.23

Post by William Kendri » Sun, 25 Aug 2002 11:03:20

Tux Paint 2002.08.23 is now available!

Tux Paint is a drawing program for young children, written using
cross-platform, Open Source libraries that allows it to run in
various languages (English, Spanish, French...) and on various platforms
(Linux, Windows, Solaris).

Learn about it, see it, and get it from:


Changes include:

  * Italian translation

  * Dutch translation

  * Updated German translation

  * Support for SDL's upcoming "WMCLASS" support (so it'll play nice under

  * Renamed US Coin stamps' filenames, so that they sort in order of value.
    (Penny, Nickel, etc.)

  * Made a few of the flower stamps 'tintable,' to show off the feature.

  * Better looking cursor in 'Open' dialog.

  * 'Candy-cane' style progress bar displayed when first starting up,
    and while preparing to show thumbnails of saved images.

  * Added details on "*PREFIX" Makefile variables in "INSTALL.txt" docs.
    (Spanish translation of this file needs updating!)

  * And, last but not least, the number one requested feature:
    Support for loading older, BMP-format 'saved' images!

Call for help!

  I'm interested in translating Tux Paint to as many languages as possible.
  I'd especially like help in the non-Latin-character languages like
  Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc...  I'll need (open source compatible)
  TTF fonts, and help getting the code to work with them.





1. ANNC: Tux Paint, version 2002.08.09

Tux Paint is a free, Open Source drawing program for young children.
Its goal is to be very easy to use, but still entertaining and powerful.

Version 2002.08.09 has been released, and includes the following changes:

  * Interface buttons translated to German, Spanish and French.

  * Documentation translated to Spanish.

  * More descriptions of 'rubber stamp' images translated to
    German, Spanish and French.

  * More space-related 'rubber stamp' images (from NASA and NSSDC).

  * Mathematics-related 'rubber stamp' images (numbers, plus, minus, etc.)

  * Music-related 'rubber stamp' images (clefs, notes, etc.)

  * Bug fixes.

The Tux Paint website has been updated, with more and newer translations,
and brand new screenshots (with larger thumbnails).

To see Tux Paint, and download the source-code, or pre-compiled
versions for Windows and Linux, visit:



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