making term work

making term work

Post by Arma » Wed, 05 Jan 1994 15:04:24

i recently installed slackware1.1.1 and am having some difficulties
getting term to work properly... i would like to be able to run
term from my university account...

any 'quick fixes'??? i guess i'm looking for something preconfigured
that i can hack to work with my setup...


1. How to get telnet from my work to home machine with term working.

Hi there,

At work, I only have dail-in connections.  So before leaving I did
"tredir 4023 23".  When arriving at work, I tried telnet 4023, but
I got the standard three header lines, then "permission denied by
remote host".  (No login prompt...)  Unfortunately "trsh" only works to/from
TitanOS with the "-s" option, so the next thing I tried was "trsh -s 'tcsh -i'".
This also gave me a "tcsh permission denied error".  I also had simmular
problems with bash.  Finially I did "trsh -s 'tcsh'".  This worked
This got me onto the machine, but obcourse in a horrably ackward
format.  Also, when connecting I recieved two "Segmentation Fault" errors...
Every time I would try "tcsh -i" I would get the same permission denied

My first guess is that it was the /etc/hosts.allowed file, so I copied
/etc/hosts.allowed to /etc/hosts (fortunately "su" worked).  However,
I was still stuck with the same errors.  My next guess is the problem was
due to "z29" not being defined in my termcap file.  So I created an
apropriate entry in /tmp/termcap.  However, "tupload /tmp/termcap -as
/tmp/termcap" hung my term connection.  So now I'm stuck until I return
home to reset the connection.

Anyways, the question is does anyone have any idea's why I obtained these
errors, and how I can fix them?  Normally term does a good job from
home --> work.  I was disappointed to have my first attempt at work -->
home go so badly.


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