FORTRAN compiler for Linux

FORTRAN compiler for Linux

Post by krishan.purah.. » Sat, 15 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

    I am looking for a FORTRAN compiler for Linux that will support the

   * Hexadecimal representation for REAL*8, REAL*4, and Integer
   * Auto-double
   * NAMELISTS with &end option for termitator
   * Unlimited number of continuation lines OR a compiler option
     for increasing this limit
   * A de* (preferably GUI based)

I have am using g77, Absoft (Pro Fortran) and f95 (from NAG)
- although they are quite good compilers, however they do not support
some of the above requirements.

Although there are work arounds to make these compilers satisfy the
above requirements, this will mean modifying our vast archive of FORTRAN
codes (developed with AIX/xlf, MVS/FORTRAN ) to implement these work around
- and this is not an "acceptable" option for us, unfortunately :-(

Does anybody know of a compiler (commercial), that supports all the
above? If so, I would be very grateful for your help




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        After years of working with unix, I got to a point that I want to get
work done at home rather at waiting for the only fast workstation at school :-)
So, I am planning to install a free unix on my PC, and of course I am trying to
decide between Linux and FreeBSD.  Now, I dont wanna start some monstrous flame
war on which one is better.  Frankly, I dont think it's gonna make much of a
difference for my purposes.  What I am looking for though, and is essential for
my work is a Fortran compiler (preferrably F77 compliant). Because I am gonna
be developing code, I dont wanna deal with workarounds like f2c; I am looking
for an actual compiler... Any f77 compilers out there for a free unix? If so,
which one and where on the Net?
Thanx in advance...

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