Newbie Wannabe Site

Newbie Wannabe Site

Post by Jeanette Russ » Fri, 20 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I have started a site for new Linux usrs and wannabes.  The site
provides some background into Linux and some great links that helped me
get started.  The sites I choose are in simple terms a new user can
understand.  There is also some links for intermediate users.  Please
check it out.

1. Newbie / Wannabe question about getting into linux

Hi all,

I know my hardware is OK, running intel based PC and have two UDMA HD,
presume that a partition on the second HD is a good place to install
linux, my questions are..

where is a good place to get it? (no huge downloads pls)

what version / extras should I get for PC hardware compliance?

what learning materials should I get / use?

what should i do to prevent it "screwing" with my existing win95
installation and hardware?

will a FAT32 partition on HD#2 be OK? and how big?

how should I boot into linux / win95 at will?

what is a good source for apps, (like once I have the

many thanks,


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