VFAT (win95 filesystem) support ?

VFAT (win95 filesystem) support ?

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: I'd like to know if there is planned (or current) support for the
: VFAT fs (beurk, it's the win95 fs).

Try the XMSDOS filesystem, it is alpha only, however.  

I am using it mounted ro for now and it seems to work just fine.

It is found at:


Here is the readme file:

Release: xmsdos 0.1.6

This is an alpha release of xmsdos, a VFAT filesystem that
can handle Windows 95 and Windows NT long filenames.  Be warned, it may do
irrepairable damage to your directories and your disk.  Most likely, it
won't.  If you mount the filesystems as read-only, you shouldn't have
anything to worry about.  It was tested on Linux 1.3.x and Windows NT 3.5.
It does not work on NTFS partitions.

Where to get:


How to use:

   Until the system is stable, the filesystem is called xmsdos.  
   When the filesystem is stable, I would hope that it may replace the
   msdos filesystem.  In order for that to happen, quite a bit more work
   and integration needs to occur.

   To load the filesystem:

      insmod xmsdos.o

   To mount a floppy:

      mount -t xmsdos /dev/fd0 /mnt

Things to note:

    If you use non-ASCII characters on Windows NT in a filename, you
    will be unable to retrieve that file.  Right now, this has not been
    tested at all, so the results are unpredictable.

    The makefile has -CCONFIG_MODVERSIONS turned on.  If you're kernel
    is built without them on, you'll need to remove them from the Makefile.

Please specify the filename and the operation that gave you trouble.


    information he provided on creating the short filename checksum and the
    structure of the long filenames.

    the case bits for the DOS filename entry and his excellent bug reports.

    what was broken in the 1.3.x kernels.  Gilles wrote doslfn, a package
    with the same functionality as xmsdos.  We intend to work together to
    create an excellent combined package.

    problems with certain filenames under Windows 95.  He provided fixes
    and changes to the filesystem to make it work much more like the
    Windows 95 implementation.

Gordon Chaffee


Southeast Design Center                   Voice:            160 ext. 25


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