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Hi all,

Anyone get Kpilot to run on Corel Version 2?  If so, how?

Robert A.Ober



1. kpilot 3.1b8 compiling and installing

I had a few problems installing kpilot from the source code. (Kpilot is a kde
front-end for pilot-link, a set of libraries to sync a palmpilot with Unix
applications.) I thought others searching dejanews for this same topic might
profit from the following pointers:

1. You need qt-devel-1.4...rpm. Get it where you got your kde rpms.

2. I found that install in pilot-link put the libs in /usr/local/lib and they could not
be seen there. After fiddling with ldconfig, I simply moved everything over to
/usr/lib/ (mv /usr/local/lib/libpi* /usr/lib/) , ran /sbin/ldconfig for good
measure, and it worked!

Bruce Robertson, Dept. of Classics, U. of T.

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