Filtering remote control-characters

Filtering remote control-characters

Post by Tim Hutcheso » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

How do I setup my remote login to linux, from a PC telnet session, so that
control characters from linux host don't flip my screen into reverse video,
such as happens with emacs, vi or joe?

Tim Hutcheson


1. How to filter out control characters (^M) in unix file using VI or VIM


Is there a slick way of editing out control characters, specifically
^M, using VI or VIM?  The background is that I edited some files in
Windows using Wordpad, and I believe it added ^M to the end of each
line, and now my scripts don't work in unix on some computers (yet on
others it does!!!).  I've edit files on wordpad and transplanted them
to unix with no problem before.  But now this is problem.  I'm
assuming it's the added control characters that are the problem.
Please advise!  Also, if anyone can recommend a good VI/ VIM/ Unix
cookbook that helps in these areas, that would be great.  Thanks in

Kevin R.

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