2nd IDE Host/NEC CDR-260

2nd IDE Host/NEC CDR-260

Post by Erik Gre » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 09:59:07

    Greetings, all;

   I just got a new Gateway 486-66 at work, and it came equipped with a
NEC CDR-260 CDROM, which is supposed to appear as a second IDE HD under
DOS (it does, but with MSCDEX loaded and a NEC device driver).

   I was wondering if anybody had got one of these beasts to work under
Linux?  Does v1.1.35 of the kernel check for a second IDE host adapter?
Can it be made to?  Has anybody tried this with a similar device?

Thanks for any answers or comments in advance,
Erik Green



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has there been a driver released for the
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it's the CDROM drive that gateway gives with most of their systems.


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