Colorado HP jumbo 250, tape formatting, and tape errors

Colorado HP jumbo 250, tape formatting, and tape errors

Post by Ralph Blac » Thu, 25 Sep 1997 04:00:00


I have a tyan mother board with redhat linux 2.1 and Win 95 installed on
the same system.  I Lilo to start up Win94 or Linux.  A jumbo 250 tape
drive is present in the system and it is attached to the floppy cable.

On the Linux Redhat side, I have ftape installed on what ever version
it is.  I seem to remember its 2.x
I recently went to do a tar to the tape drive and it worked OK.
However when I went to do a big tar, I got tape errors.  

Knowing that the tapes are susceptable to strecting and other problems,
I went over the Win/95 and tried to bring up the tape formatter and
guess what?
I got a BIOS error!  

To format, Do I really have to get the new Win95 colorado backup
or can I get tape.exe, as suggested by the ftape manual?
Also, where do I get tape.exe?

Also, is ftape3.x in rpm format?



1. Linux & Colorado Jumbo 250 Tape Streamer problems

Hi, Linuxers

I have bought the YGGDRASIL cd-rom (release: fall '93) and I'm in trouble with it.

I have a tape drive (not SCSI) Colorado Jumbo 250 that uses standard
cassette DC2120 in QIC80 format. It works well when I use it with MsDOS.
But, when linux boots up, it claims there are not tape drives present on
the system (because it seems to search for SCSI tapes only).

I try some commands like "tar" but I'm not able to read or write
anything to the tape.
What can I do for storing data on QIC80 cassette with tar?

Any suggestion, out there?


                              Fausto Brandola
                              Marelli Autronica, Torino - Italy

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