General Linux Question

General Linux Question

Post by Ben B » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

>On 11 Mar 1999 02:09:33 GMT,

>> When you have windows and you connect on the web, you can see webpages through
>> a web browser. In the browser you see pictures, animations and they can also
>> play sounds.
>> Wow, you're probably saying.
>> Well, once you install Linux, is this possible???

>Of course.

>> Is surfing the web (with pics and stuff) possible with Linux, (and no X Windows
>> installed) or will you only see the raw html coding.

>Why not install X?  It's not like it costs more.

>Your question is akin to "is there a web browser than runs on DOS7 that
>shows graphics".

>> Are there web browsers for Linux???


>> Would you have to install X Windows??

>If you want graphics, yes.

>If you don't want graphics, no.

Someone is working on a port of a DOS-based graphical web browser to
Have a look at:
Until this is finished, X is your only option.

ir. Berend Adam Bos
Corporate Computer Systems


General Linux Question

Post by Jeffrey Straszhei » Mon, 15 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> Someone is working on a port of a DOS-based graphical web browser to
> Linux.
> Have a look at:
> Until this is finished, X is your only option.

Not true, if you're happy with text only web browsing
lynx still works. Of course, in this world of frames-
only sites and overblown imagemaps, that is becomming
less of an alternative.

---Jeffrey L Straszheim
----Systems Engineer, Programmer
-----stimuli AT shadow DOT net


1. General Linux Questions

Firstly, forgive me for the non-specific subject, but that is indeed the
content of this broadcast.

I currently have an old 486 w/32MB RAM running Win95 (No flames
Very shortly, I will be buying a new computer on which to do my
development work (running Win98 - again, no flames please!).  This will
free up the 486 to run Linux for a bit of fun, to run SPICE, and to run
Gnu C++.  OK, here is what I intend to do, and for this I expect to be
flamed, or at least set straight.

I intend to create a mini-network of two computers, the old and the new
(the good, the bad, and the ugly operator, perhaps?)

I would like to run Windows 98 on the new computer, with dual monitors,
using the old monitor from the 486 and the monitor supplied with the new
computer (one for debugging).  I have a very old 8-bit hercules card and
mono monitor which I'd like to run on the 486, purely for booting etc.
Is this a good idea?

I would like to use the new computer (Pentium-class) to telnet (or xterm
or whatever) into the 486 to run any linux apps I'd like to.
Is this a good idea?

Further questions:
(a) I have a 3.2 GB disk in the 486, that currently I can only see 2.1GB
of.  will linux cure this as the Large-Disk HOWTO suggests?
(b) Does SPICE come with the Red Hat distribution?

Thanks for your time,
Matt van de Werken

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