LILO booting an OS from extended partition?

LILO booting an OS from extended partition?

Post by Ryan Nie » Mon, 18 Mar 1996 04:00:00

        I have been trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to use LILO to boot
Linux, DOS and OS/2.  Unfortunately, my partition table is a bit lacking
in size, so I've needed to improvise.  OS/2 is currently on an extended
partition, which I can boot just fine from Boot Manager.  The only problem
is, Boot Manager is occupying the partition that I usually use for swap.
My partition table looks like this:

   Device Boot  Begin   Start     End  Blocks   Id  System
/dev/hda1           1       1     392  790240+   6  DOS 16-bit >=32M
/dev/hda2         446     446     609  330624   83  Linux native
/dev/hda3   *     620     620     620    2016    a  OS/2 Boot Manager
/dev/hda4         393     393     445  106848    5  Extended
/dev/hda5   *     393     393     445  106816+   7  OS/2 HPFS

        I've tried setting up my lilo.conf file to allow me to boot OS/2
directly from the extended partition, so I can get rid of Boot Manager,
but LILO always produces the output:

xanth:~# lilo
Added DOS
Added Linux
Partition entry not found.

        The appropriate lines of my lilo.conf file are as follows:

boot = /dev/hda
delay = 50
# other stuff relating to DOS and Linux removed, to cut to the good stuff.
other = /dev/hda5
  label = OS/2
  table = /dev/hda

        It's obvious that LILO isn't seeing extended partitions, at least
not above hda4.  What now?  Do I need to generate my own table of partiton
entries for LILO to read, and figure out where to boot to from there?  Is
any of this possible?  Am I all messed up?  Help..!  :-)



Klamath Falls, Oregon               


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I am running 0.99.p6 on a 486 with 16Meg ram and 500Meg of HD in two
physical HD's and three partitions.  I have a 300-meg DOS on the
equivalent of /dev/hdb1, a 100Meg Linux Extended on /dev/hda2, a 100Meg
HPFS on /hda? and a 1Meg Boot manager in there somewhere.  I cannot, for
the life of me get Linux to boot (under boot manager, or at all) from the HD.

I tried the line the manual (FAQ) suggested:

lilo -c -b /dev/hda2 -v -v /Image

Or something similar.  It responded by telling me that the boot sector it
found was improper or not found or not recognized by lilo.  I think it was
"not a valid lilo boot" something.  Could anyone give me any pointers as
to what I should try?  Yes, me the sinner that I am, I am running and
Extended FS.  I also used the SLS release, and d/l'ed the complete new
kernel.  Suggestions would be appreciated.  Please respond by *Email*

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