graphical interface for MRTG

graphical interface for MRTG

Post by Kerry Co » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 23:50:58

Looking to persuade management to migrate heavily to MRTG.
Does anyone know of a GUI interface similar to NNM (Network Node Management)
that comes with HP OpenView that would allow for a graphical rendition of
the network using icons for separate servers, etc.? Trying to stay away
from proprietary solutions. I remember something like this using Queso
several years ago, but can't seem to find it now.

1. sun multiple interfaces and mrtg

I have more than one interface setup on my sun box (solaris 2.6).  I
configured mrtg to give me traffic on each one of them (they are not acting
as routers).

I do get proper incoming traffic, but no outgoing traffic whatsovever on the
secondary interfaces.  Has anyone seen this ?  Or is it a configuration
issue on my end ? (I'm starting to think that all outgoing traffic is still
flowing out on one interface, while incoming is ok).

Two interfaces are set up in the same subnet, while the third one is on a
separate subnet.  The two on the same net are set up with different mac
address (one hostid derived, the other one made up from private set), while
the third one is using the hostid derivative

Any hints/ideas ?

remove nospam if replying... TIA.

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