IBM TP500 - disk params not in CMOS, no SCSI, do I need SCSI support?

IBM TP500 - disk params not in CMOS, no SCSI, do I need SCSI support?

Post by Doug Fri » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 03:19:46

The IBM ThinkPad-500 sub-notebook doesn't keep disk parameters in CMOS,
so I need to specify "hd=cyls,hds,secs" as a boot parameter. The
Slackware-2.1 installation docs mention to use the "scsi" boot disk
rather than the "bare" boot disk so I can use the "hd=..."
parameter. Does this mean that if I recompile the kernel I have to
enable SCSI support in order to be able to use this boot parameter
even though I don't have any SCSI devices in my system?



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I am trying to add an IBM 1 gig scsi drive to a Sparc10 (replacing a bad
seagate drive) and probe-scsi does not recognize it. I have tried it with and
without termination, different scsi addresses, with and without a second drive.
Probe-scsi does recgonize a second seagate drive in the Sparc10 but only if the
IBM scsi is not installed.
The vender claims the IBM is fine and probes on their sparc10.

Any ideas?


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