libc-4.5.8: strace from cron not working

libc-4.5.8: strace from cron not working

Post by Thomas Mechtersheim » Wed, 12 Jan 1994 06:47:44

Hi !

Since I installed libc-4.5.8, 'strace'ed processes started from cron
(i.e.  * * * * * strace -o filename program...) will get stopped :-(
If I send a 'kill -CONT' signal to the traced process, it will run for about
a minute and stop again...
Tracing a process from cron worked with libc-4.4.4; it still works when I start
it from the shell. I tried both 'crond' from SLS 1.03 and Paul Vixie's cron 3.0.

btw: where can I find the sources for strace (so I can try to recompile it
with the new libc) ? The one I use is from SLS 1.03; the same binary is on
Slackware 1.1.1 in the binutils package (but there is no strace in the latest
GNU binutils release).


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