PC-PLUS, Linux CDROM, Linux journal, suggestion for publishers

PC-PLUS, Linux CDROM, Linux journal, suggestion for publishers

Post by Arie Maaska » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 21:59:49

 The october issue of PC-PLUS ( a British PC-magazine )
had a CDROM added on which, among other things had, the
Slackware2.0 distribution. I bougt PC-PLUS only to have
this distribution for F17,50 ( app. $10 ). I know of many
people that did the same. The magazine was sold out very
soon, only the copies with the floppy disc remained.
It came out app. 20 september. The november issue has not
arrived yet.
Does PC-PLUS still exist ???

 Why isn't there a publisher, that begins a magazine, that
contains every month a CD with Linux binary and source
updates ( isn't that an idea for "Linux journal" ).
 I would certainly subscribe. Nowadays one can make
a CDROM for app. $1 in large enough quantities

  Publishers , why not ????


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1. SuSE Linux Pc-plus CD & PPP connection with Demon

Hi folks,

Has anyone successfully installed SuSE Linux 5.2 from the October
PC-Plus coverdisk & configured a PPP connection with demon internet?

I'm _almost_ there - I can connect but then my dialer script gets
confused. The SuSE installation I'm using uses a variation of Red
Hat's ppp-on, ppp-off and ppp-on-dialer (I can post the dialer if
it'll help - I think that's the script that's messing up).

It gets past the point where Demon's software says "CONNECT 38400" &
then tries to re-dial (without having hung up) so that it appears to
try to enter "+++ATZ" for my login. The script I'm using, for SuSE
users, is in /usr/doc/packages/ppp/ in the installation previously
mentioned. After the CONNECT is issued from Demon, Demon next sends a
blank line then the name of the server you're directly connected to,
and the version of the software it is using (or so it appears) like
"tele16.access.demon.co.uk (2.1.0)" and that I think is what is
throwing it.

Any ideas would be heartily welcomed.

Matt Moran

(Luckily I'm still dual-booting so I can still connect via windoze)

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