Printer Canon BJC-2000

Printer Canon BJC-2000

Post by Romain Brett » Sun, 08 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I just bought a new printer, Canon BJC-2000 (a recent model I think),
and I doesn't work with Linux. I read the HowTo, though, but Linux tells
me that there's nothing on my parallel port ! It works with Windows,
though, which is a bit annoying.
Do you whether it's a just a problem of configuration or that it's just
not supported by Linux ?

Romain Brette


1. Canon BJC-2000 printer

Here's how I got my new Canon BJC-2000 working reasonably well on my
RedHat Linux 5.1/intel system. I'm not positive that every step was
necessary, but it worked. I hope this saves someone some annoyance.

-I set the printtool to "BJC-600 or 4000' filter setting (the 2000 is an
evolution of this line)
-Then (and I think that this was the key) I went to the file
/var/spool/lpd/lp/postscript.cfg and commented out the line

Other things I did that may or may not have helped:

-Upgraded to ghostscript-5.10-6.i386.rpm (which I found somewhere in the contrib ftp directory.)
-This must be updated simultaneously with the
ghostscript-fonts-std-5.10-8.noarch.rpm (found at:
I think I used this command: "rpm -Uvh ghostscript*.rpm" from a
containing only those two ghostscript files.
-Then I affixed the patch (also found at
with the command :
rpm -U --replacefiles ghostscript-5.10-6-patch-980714-1.noarch.rpm
-Added the other fonts offered there while I was at it.

I was happy to make this reasonably priced printer print at all and have
yet to put it through it's paces, but I have b&w and colour going and am
going to keep the darn thing.

Good luck,

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