Gimp: Compiling jpeg plug-in

Gimp: Compiling jpeg plug-in

Post by Ross Vandegrif » Sun, 29 Nov 1998 04:00:00

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The missing symbols you quote indicate that you jpeg library is not
installed properly.  Make sure you did a make install after compiling it
all.  Also make sure that the path to it is included in /etc/
or LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Also, make sure you compiled libjpeg as a shared
library, and that all the headers are there.
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Gimp: Compiling jpeg plug-in

Post by John Carrol » Mon, 30 Nov 1998 04:00:00

A few weeks back I downloaded the Gimp and assorted other files I needed
to compile it.  No problem.  Compiled nicely, worked fine (to the extent
I understand it).  But it wasn't able to handle jpegs.  Not surprising,
since I didn't have libjpeg.  So I got libjpeg, compiled it without
problems, ran ldconfig, and recompiled the Gimp.  Still no jpeg plug-in.
I went to the ~/plug-in/jpeg directory and typed "make" to see what
happened.  Not much.  It couldn't find some ".h" files.  I found those
and moved them into the path the compiler was searching, got more
messages about missing files, moved them, too, and eventually got a
jpeg.o file.  However, that was as far as I could get.  The error
messages all read something like: undefined reference to
jpeg_destroy_compress, undefined reference to jpeg_std_error,
undefined reference to jpeg_CreateCompress, undefined reference to
jpeg_stdio_dest and on and on.  These things must be defined somewhere,
but I don't have a clue where.

Also, I might as well mention that during the ./configure step, I see
messages that it can't find a working aclocal or autoconf or automake.
(There is an aclocal directory containing files gimp.m4 and gtk.m4)

Obviously, I've no clue about C programming and am currently out of
ideas.  Anybody got an idea what stands between my system and a working
jpeg plug-in?

Thanks in advance.

John Carroll


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I just compiled the Gimp 0.60, (which worked fine, except it had trouble
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install), and I can't get the plug-ins to work.

I can't find anywhere which lists the new pluginrc file format, and the gimp
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- Peter


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