LUG Talk Wishlist - Need speakers! (Davis, CA)

LUG Talk Wishlist - Need speakers! (Davis, CA)

Post by William Kendric » Sat, 06 Jan 2001 05:49:02

LUGOD, the Linux Users' Group of Davis, located near Sacramento, California,
is in need of speakers for upcoming meetings.

Our group meets on the 1st Tues and 3rd Mon of each month at 6:30pm in
Davis, California.  Our February 19th meeting (and those beyond) are
currently topicless.  (See: for
an up-to-date list of scheduled topics.)

We are currently quite interested in talks on the following subjects
(see: for an up-to-date list):

  Compiler Design
  Linux vs. Other Unixes
  Linux vs. Windows
  Linux's memory utilization
  The POSIX Standard
  Using autoconf/automake
  Setting up sendmail/smail/qmail
  VMWare / Win4Lin / WINE demonstrations
  Using MySQL
  Kernel Hacking
  Functional Programming (LISP, ML, etc.) under Linux

Of course, any topic is welcome!  (For a list of previous meetings'
topics, see: )

If you're interested in speaking at a LUGOD meeting, please contact me

LUGOD is a non-profit organization.  Unfortunately, we currently cannot
afford to pay for airfare or room-and-board for our speakers.
However, if you're located near the San Francisco Bay Area, we're only
a few hours away! :)

Thanks in advance.



1. LUG in Davis looking for speakers

The Linux Users Group of Davis (LUGOD) meets twice a month in
Davis, California (near Sacramento).

We're currently looking for speakers to present Linux-relevant talks during
our meetings.  (Typical attendance is about 40-45)

The current dates we have open this year include:

  Mon Aug 20

  Tue Sep  4
  Mon Sep 17

  Tue Oct  2

  Tue Nov  6
  Mon Nov 19

  Tue Dec  4
  Mon Dec 17

This page always has an updated list of which meeting dates are booked,
and what the topics are:

If you're interested in speaking at LUGOD, please contact me:

  Bill Kendrick, president

Thank you!

Linux Users' Group of Davis
"Twice a month, and then some!"

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