mouse problem in DOSEMU enviornment

mouse problem in DOSEMU enviornment

Post by Jeongwook K » Sat, 03 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have a mouse problem when I start window 3.0 on DOSEMU enviorment.

Other programs like edit in dos are okay.

After I start window 3.0 on DOSEMU, the mouse dose not move at all.

My mouse is ps/2 type.

Does anyone have same problem and solve it ?

If you did, please let me know.


J Kim.

Jeongwook Kim
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332-29663
uucp:     ...!{decvax,hplabs,ncar,purdue,rutgers}!gatech!prism!gt3326c


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Hi All.

I'm having some problems with the enviornment settings.

I use tcsh as my shell and have a ~/.tcshrc file containing all my
initialization variables. Also I have a GUI for logging in (using xdm).
My problem is that after I login and I try starting some programs (thru
the fvwm utilities list) for which the enviornment variables are in the
~/.tcshr file, the programs won't start up. On the other hand if I start
a login shell and give the command from that, the programs runs.

How do I make the fvwm to process my ~/.tcshrc or ~/.cshrc file?

Thanx in advance.

* http   : <Power.IIT.Edu/Tushar> <Tushar.Home.ML.Org>

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