How to read a hardware port w/ gcc?

How to read a hardware port w/ gcc?

Post by Bill Krimm » Mon, 07 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to read the joystick port at 0x0201, and can't find my dos friends
inp() or inputw() in the gcc unix environment.  I know that direct control of
hardware is * under multitasking, but this is read only.  Is there kernel
support?  and is there a man page or info file I can read?
Bill krimmel


1. Reading/writing from/to hardware ports with gcc and linux

In DOS, I have "inportb" and "outportb" for reading and writing to a
specific hardware address.  I have been trying with zero luck to find a
way to do this with gcc and linux.  I know that it is more difficult in
linux, since the os is much better protected, but surely there is a
standard function for doing this isn't there??  

Please help, I'm desperate!


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