28.8 Real Audio Problems

28.8 Real Audio Problems

Post by Don Mahuri » Sat, 17 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Im having a problem playing 28.8 Real Audio.  It doesnt play  smoothly,
It cuts in and out. 14.4 RA plays fine.

Someone know the problem?  I have a DX4-100, and am using the MS sound
system driver.

Don Mahurin


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Has anyone evaluated Hayes Accura 28.8 PnP (internal) vs. SupraFaxModem 28.8
internal with the Flash ROM, especially with Linux compatibitility in mind?
I have seen good download speed reviews on Accura, and its for grabs at
CompUSA, while the only Supras I see anymore are SupraExpress. The potential
problems with Pnp scare one a bit. A modem with on-demand PnP could be handed
down to an old 486 without Pnp. Otherwise what are the choices?


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