Linux help files via e-mail no-more!

Linux help files via e-mail no-more!

Post by Benito Hor » Tue, 03 Oct 1995 04:00:00


: Hi there,

: This is to let everyone know, the help file service by e-mail at

: advertised this service for several months, but still there are
: many requests each day.  So please, remove any mention of this
: service from your FAQ's, HOWTO's, and any other files where it is
: mentioned.

: As of the 1st of October, I'm nolonger employed by Purdue.  Yes, retired
: at the age of 27.  (Sounds so much better than unemployed.)  I have filed
: for an extention of my account, so I may still continue to receive personal
: e-mail for 6 months at that address.  However, I will discontinue updating
: files immediatly, and I will deactivate the server before the end of the
: six month time extention.

: Also, if you are mirroring anything from
: be aware those files will nolonger be updated as well.  These files will
: disappear as soon as I have a new account to copy them to.  The only mirror
: I know of is, but there may be
: others.

:               Thanks,
:                          Bill

: P.S. If you know of a good job, remember I can still receive private e-mail
: messages for six months.

: - --

:   c/o Arlene A. Garfield ' \ . / `  ///'V( (
:   4619 Beechmount          :`O':   /'! ::::::-.          This space for rent.
:   Portage, MI 49002        o/U\o  '  !.`::::'-'          phone: (616)375-8445

: - --

: PLEASE remember a short description of the software.

: Version: 2.6.2i

: iQCVAwUBMG1wmIQRll5MupLRAQH4GgP/QfquGbdwcoZdbnweVsnHk7ijnut12Boh
: cLRiYH5Nqn6NsqoAKQjisjqvqaJh8th7fikhXYL2RzicHsucMOy9H7tIKpMNFn5T
: /txwkTtaEYdaSxE5wenUsPltpNJ4qwGGn3oUuM64hlc9SYDi69AIHGoxnJiKR/WL
: Zw7u565/tj8=
: =iqdA

with a Dr Degree You should find a job in no time. why such a early
retirement ?