Linux configuration

Linux configuration

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The ppp.2.1.2b Explain that if 'users'see the messages:

1.  ppp: channel ppp0 mtu changed to 1500
2.  ppp: channel ppp0 open
3.  ppp: ppp channel ppp0 going up for IP packets

things seem to be okay! I am getting all 3 messages but after the last
message nothing happend. By that I mean that my computer keeps on waiting
for somtething and does not give me a linux prompt what I have
to  do  is to press ctrl-C to sto the connection. Anybody has an idea of
what it can be wrong? I will apreciate any help.

Also I read about my provider PANIX and the maximum MTU can be 1006. IS



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I have my Linux box connected to two different networks, and I don't
want to have the Linux box routing anything, so I've turned off IP
forwarding. Each of the two Ethernets have gateways to the outside world
and I want the computer to have access to sites available from both
sides. I've got a default route that points to a router on one Ethernet
side, but how do I go about getting the other Ethernet card to work for
sending traffic out the gateway on its side? Can I turn on routed
without having it route traffic between the ethernet cards, but still
have the gateway router on this side use RIP to teach the Linux box
about routes available out of the non-default Ethernet interface?

  Dan Peterka

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