account creation

account creation

Post by Jeff Davi » Fri, 03 Nov 2000 16:51:31

    I need to be able to use apache to set up new users. I do not want
to run apache as root. I was thinking that a root-run daemon could check
what to do every couple minutes (from a database or flat file that is
written to by a user), and add accounts and edit files as necessary.
Would this be a good approach? Is there another direction I should be

Jeff Davis


1. Automate Account Creation

I have looked back and forth across the web and the newsgroups, but
have been unable to find a simple way to create users on a Linux/Unix
system using the useradd and/or passwd commands from a data file
listing the users and passwords.

Is this possible??  I can format the data file any way necessary, but
I have 200 user accounts to create and don't have the time or patience
to enter these in manually.  I have "faked" a way to create the users,
but the password thing is still stopping me, I cannot get the passwd
command to take input from a file as the useradd command does.

Any ideas??

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