Remote printer jobs enqueuer?

Remote printer jobs enqueuer?

Post by Agustin Lopez Bue » Wed, 12 Jun 1996 04:00:00


Anybody knows if there is a remote printer jobs enqueuer
for Linux? I want to administrate one TCPIP network printer
from Linux.

(please, email me)


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1. Lpd hangs at startup when remote printer is offline and there are jobs for the printer

Hi there!

I have a problem and I can't get rid of it. I have a lpd installed on
RedHat 6.0 (but please note that the problem is the same on another box,
RH 6.2). I've got about 50 remote printers in /etc/printcap and
everything works ok, but...

If there is a job for the remote printer and the printer is not switched
on (remote printers are HP JetDirects) the daemon *HANGS* when being
restarted. I have no special reason to restart it, but, from time to
time (once in three months or so) I have to reboot the machine (for
other reasons, like upgrading the disk, etc...) or I have to restart the
daemon itself (again for some other reason).

The problem is, that the daemon won't come up. It hangs at the point
when it tries to connect to the printer which is not switched on. So...
I have to clean up the queue and restart lpd again. And then it's ok.

How to prevent the daemon from hanging?

Thanks in advance for your answer!


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