tomsrtbt 1.6.12 now w/ loadkeys, miterm, nc, rshd, busybox, etc.

tomsrtbt 1.6.12 now w/ loadkeys, miterm, nc, rshd, busybox, etc.

Post by Thomas A. Oehs » Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I've uploaded tomsrtbt-1.6.12.tar.gz to Sunsite to go in system/recovery,
and to where it is now,
and submitted the updated .lsm file to the LSM database.

It's a boot/root rescue/emergency floppy image with more stuff than can fit.
Bzip2, 1722Mb formatting, and tight compilation options helped jam a lot on.

It is useful for "learn unix on a floppy" as it runs from ramdisk, includes
the man-pages for everything, and behaves in a generally predictable way.

The home page is:  There's also a list.

New features/capabilities include: loadkeys, rshd, inetd, miterm, telnet.

Features list then .lsm file follow:

-ash 2.0.35 3c503 3c509 3c589_cs 8390 Clone.s Install.s ReadMe-4MB
ReadMe-Announce ReadMe-ChangeLog ReadMe-Contacts ReadMe-Contents ReadMe-Copying
ReadMe-Customizing ReadMe-Features ReadMe-Install ReadMe-Install_from_DOS
ReadMe-Misc ReadMe-Troubleshooting ReadMe-UnDone aha152x_cs ash awk badblocks
bdflush buildit.s busybox busybox.diff bzip2 cardmgr cat cdrom cdrom.opts
ce chattr chgrp chmod chown chroot clear cmp config config.opts cp
cpio cut date dd ddate debugfs df dirname dmesg dmsdos doc ds du dumpe2fs
dutil e2fsck echo echo.c eepro eexpress elvis emacs extend false fdflush
fdisk filesize find fmt fsck fsck.ext2 fsck.msdos fstab grep group gzip halt
head hexdump home.html host.conf hostname hosts i82365 ibmtr ifconfig ifport
image inetd inetd.conf init inittab insmod kernel.config kill killall5 learned
length less lilo lilo.conf ln loadkeys local login losetup ls
lsattr makeit.s man mawk memtest mformat mingetty miterm mkdir mkdmsdosfs
mkdosfs mke2fs mkfifo mkfs.minix mklost+found mknod mkswap mnsed mnsed.diff
modules more mount mt mtab mv nc ne network network.opts networks nmclan_cs
passwd pcmcia pcmcia_core pcnet_cs ping plip ppa printf profile protocols ps
psdevtab pwd qlogic_cs rc.0 rc.6 rc.M rc.S reboot regex reset resolv.conf rgrep
rlogin rm rmdir rmmod root route rsh rshd sbin script scsi scsi.opts scsi_info
sed serial serial_cs services settings.s sh shared shutdown slattach sleep
slip smc-ultra smc-ultra32 snarf snarf.diff sort stty superformat swapoff
swapon sync tail tar tcic tee telnet termcap test tomsrtbt-1.6.12.lsm touch
true tune2fs umount unpack.s update vi wd

Title:          tomsrtbt
Version:        1.6.12
Entered-date:   26JUL98
Description:    "The most Linux on one floppy."  (distribution or panic disk).
                1722MB boot/root rescue disk with a lot of hardware and tools.
                Supports ide, scsi, tape, network adaptors, PCMCIA, much more.
                About 100 utility programs and tools for fixing and restoring.
                See 'ReadMe-Features' for the list of what's included.  Not a
                script, just the diskette image packed up chock full of stuff.
                Also good as learn-unix-on-a-floppy as it has mostly what you
                expect- vi, emacs, awk, sed, sh, manpages- loaded on ramdisks.
Keywords:       rescue, recovery, emergency, floppy, panic, bootdisk, tomsrtbt

Primary-site: /pub/Linux/system/recovery
                1722 kB tomsrtbt-1.6.12.tar.gz
                1 kB tomsrtbt-1.6.12.lsm
                1722 kB tomsrtbt-current.tar.gz
Copying-policy: GPL


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