switching between 640x480 1280x780 etc ...

switching between 640x480 1280x780 etc ...

Post by j » Sat, 16 Jan 1999 04:00:00

>How do I switch my video modes?  I tried searching through the news groups
>with no luck, i'm sure it's simple, someone pls explain.

CTRL    ALT     +       or      -

For permanent change, do





1. Howto Change Resolution in Linux e.g. fr 640X480 to 800X600 etc...

Hi !

I've installed Red Hat Linux 7.1 and it's up and running. I'm able to
most of the jobs except a few minor problems which are a major
irritant. Please take time to advise me on these... the problems are :

1) I've a 17" monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 750s) and it displays most
of the windows properly except the Control Center (I hope the name is
correct... which is used for various configuration tasks) window which
does'nt fit into the screen and I've to drag it via the title bar to
access different parts of it. Moreover, the Ok, Apply, Cancel etc.
buttons are always beyond the screen so it's virtually impossible to
see which button is highlighted. This window does'nt get resized
either. While installing I gave a resolution of 640 X 480 and I don't
know how to change this (which can be done in a snap in Windows !) to
800 X 600 (or something else)...

2) For this resolution problem, I can't use X-CD-Roaster for using my
CD-Writer (Samsung) which needs atleast 800 X 600 resolution to run...
my writer is now confined to reading...

3) In the Netscape browser, the encoding Cyrillic (KOI8-r) gives me
satisfactory font size and appearance... but I don't know how to make
this the default and I have to do this manually everytime I use the
browser... currently Western 8859-1 is default and I could'nt change
this via Edit-> Preferences... Here too, the preferences window
stretches beyond my screen and since this does'nt have a titlebar, I
can't even move this to access the Ok, Cancel buttons...!!

4) How can I start KDE or Sawfish as per my requirement interactively
instead of Sawfish coming up everytime I start the X server
(startx)... I wanted to make these menu driven options by modifying my
.profile but when I choose the option to run "startkde" it throws up
numerous errors including "DISPLAY variable not set"... Sawfish
does'nt give any problems...

I wanted to write a shoter mail but half the info could be wrong
info... Please help as I've been grappling with this for quite some

Thanks for your time,
Soumen Dass

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