Sony Vaio PCG NV-105 - anybody?

Sony Vaio PCG NV-105 - anybody?

Post by R.H. » Tue, 17 Sep 2002 02:35:09


I've had a few laptops running Linux and without any problems.
But this one suprised me from the start. Basicaly, the question is -
what protocol does the mouse on this machine use? I get such a *y
mess when I configure it for PS/2.
I couldn't find any references to that machine anywhere on the net and
at the usual "linux-laptops" places. Hang on, actually I found one but
it suggests to use PS/2 and no good to me.
If anybody has got this kind of machine I would like to know if I should
expect any more suprises :).

Thanks for any advice.


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I have redhat 6.1 running on my F340 all works nicely except thesound
the redhat sndconfig utility locks up in some wierd loop and is
usless.  I can load the nm256 module by hand and I can then play CD's
however wav's don't work - I just get static, ditto for realplayer.  Is
there a
fix or is there something obvious I am missing?

Regards Alastair

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