Looking for beta testers for a new Linux game ...

Looking for beta testers for a new Linux game ...

Post by Jeff Vog » Thu, 06 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Spiderweb Software, longtime developer of fantasy role-playing games for
Macintosh and Windows, and Boutell.com, maker of powerful web tools for
Linux and a number of other platforms, are teaming up to bring a classic
fantasy role-playing game to Linux. Exile III: Ruined World is an
enormous, fascinating fantasy adventure, which won Computer *
World's Award for Shareware Game of the Year.

The beta is ready, and we need some hardy, hard-working souls with the
courage to hunt for all manner of insidious bugs. You must have GLibC 2.1
or later, or RedHat Linux 6.0 or later. If you're interested, apply at:


If you're interested in learning about Exile 3, go to


- Jeff Vogel, Keeper of Avernum, Spiderweb Software, Inc.
Check out Avernum, Nethergate, the award-winning Exile trilogy,
and Blades of Exile, the hit shareware rpgs for Mac and Windows.
Coming soon: Homeland for Windows. http://www.veryComputer.com/


1. Looking for beta testers for Linux (X-Windows/Gtk) class library (word processor)

    The Led C++ Class library - a tool for building sophisticated word
processing and text editing functionality into applications - has just been
ported to Linux/X-Windows/Gtk. I'm looking for a small number of fairly
technically savvy beta testers to take a look a this toolkit.

    This class library is very mature on the Macintosh and Win32 platforms,
and has been used to build commercial quality applications for several
years. I've now completed a port to X-Windows/Gtk which is late beta

    I need folks who can test the sample application (available from
.0b7.tar.gz) on a number of different Linux machines / X-Windows XServers.
And more importantly - I need people who are familiar with programming with
Gtk - who can evaluate how easy it is to integrate with the Gtk wrappers
I've written.

    If you are interested in playing with the sample editor - you can just
download it from the URL above (please note - this beta only supports RTF
input/output files). Please send any comments about compatability (or

    If you would like to beta test the C++ class library - please send me



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