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Post by Davi » Tue, 19 Dec 2000 18:42:09

 Sung to the tune of "The ballad of Jed Clampett"

 Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named*
 A snippy Democrat, who was really quite a bore
 On election day of his Presidential bout
 He thought he lost the fight but got a recount
 ballots that is... punch cards... butterflies

 Well the next thing you know they're countin' 'em again
 He lost a second time so he gave it all some spin
 They said Palm Beach is the place you oughta be
 So they hired legal experts from Tallahassee
 Florida that is... sunshine state... deadlocked

 Well the next thing you know they wanna change the rules
 And play around with votes cause they think we're friggin fools
 They riled a lotta folks and they made a lotta fuss
 Till Cheney came along and started kickin' him some butts
 Buttocks that is... liberal hineys... left-wing tuchas

 Al*whined that the system wasn't fair
 After findin' ballot holes that were never really there
 Kathrine Harris said the recount was a joke
 But it didn't stop the liberals from castin' some more votes
 Democrat votes that is... hangin' chad... dimpled ballots

 Well the State Supreme Court gave ol' Al another break
 They let him count again cause the party was at stake
 But just when he thought his dream was born anew
 The overseas votes came in and gave it all to W
 George W that is... Texas Governor... President-elect

 Now it's time to say good-bye to*and all his kin
 He tried to steal some votes but it didn't help him win
 You're all invited over to his home in Tennessee
 To sit around and blubber at his pity-party
 Nashville that is... pout a while... have some sour grapes

 Ya'll have fun now... Ya Hear?


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Hello !!!!

    I am a student of computer sciencie in Spain... I am triying to make a
minishell like bash but smaller...with only a few commands... I have to
implment command time but i am having problems. I am trying to execute a
command in a process child and count the time that it is executing. I have
used the structure tms...but i am not sure which camp of the structure to
use...... Any one can help me..?

Can tell me what i am making wrong? I dont't know how to convert...ticks in
seconds and mseconds... Thank you very much

 Ignacio Robledo Rosell
 "When code matters more than comercials"

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