What other linux groups?

What other linux groups?

Post by Mark Jarvi » Wed, 06 Apr 1994 13:50:51

Sorry to add to the noise with this one, but...
        Can someone tell me the name of the newsgroup for linux
installation questions and where its FAQ can be found?
(WHERE at rtfm.mit.edu?)
        I am having problems getting X to work with my
new linux installation, and it's probably a FAQ-answerable
question.  Please email me if possible, as I can't afford
to read so much of this group.   Thanx.


1. Pass Users and groups on 1 Linux box to others?


I am finally moving my company completly off windows and onto Linux
RH8.0.  I have all my users and groups installed on one machine and was
wondering how can I copy all the users & groups to the other computers?
  I would like a simple way to copy them over including their uid's and
gid's so nfs doesn't have any problems with sharing files/directories
from one machine to the other.


Phillip J. Allen
Lima Peru

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