Post by Jared Jaco » Wed, 14 Sep 1994 22:31:18

Does anyone out there know of an OpenGL port to Linux? I'd be willing to test
an alpha or beta version  if the authors want feedback.

Please let me know,

Thanks, Jared


1. Savage 4 and OpenGL (Unable to Create OpenGL Screen)

this is just a quickie. I'm not too sure if this is the right newsgroup
to ask, but here it goes anyway (if not, please direct me to the right
place). Anybody using Savage 4 (MX) video card in X 4.2.1 and OpenGL?
Unfortunately I wasn't able to set it up properly (even software
emulation doesn't work). I'm using Linux (2.4.19) and current Slackware.

All OpenGL apps I've tried say:
Unable to Create OpenGL Screen: X11 driver not configured with OpenGL



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