Lost consoles after remote shutdown

Lost consoles after remote shutdown

Post by Ripp » Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I know, smack me! :)

I remember this problem being posted a while back, but I can't seems to find it
anymore. I think the problem was caused by issuing a shutdown either from and X
console window or from a remote telnet session/su'd as root.

Basically, all goes fine while booting, gets to the end of rc.local and
*appears* to stop.
I can telnet in just fine, and all other services, etc. seem to be working. I
just can't access any of my "local" consoles.  What do I need to do to fix it?


1. Taskbar "shutdown" button lost its options for shutdown

An other one of the KDE weirdies ...

The "shutdown / disconnect" button in my KDE 222 Mandrake (8.2 with
2.4.18 kernel) taskbar has lost its options effects ...
Options are : disconnect, shutdown, restart

Whatever the option, now, it wont shut or restart. it just disconnect
and brings me to the desktop login screen.

Any idea ?

BTW : has anyone come across this one : I have 4 desktops, each with a
specific background. When I launch Kwintv (0.8.11, compiled by ASP,
found on rpmfind), the backgrounds are not changed anymore when
switching desktop ...

Open a new section on annoyances.org ?

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