File by file copying to CDR under Linux?

File by file copying to CDR under Linux?

Post by Elvis Cho » Mon, 17 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Any software out yet for use with a CDR/W for copying files over to the
CDR file by file rather than using a binary image?  I am using xcdroast
and most seems to work except copying music tracks.  Anyone else using a
Yamaha 4260 under X in Linux?



1. sox file.wav -x file.cdr ---> too fast !


I do above with a 44100 khz 16 bit 2 channel wav
when I play the cdr file, its too fast. How could I fix this ?
Why does this happen ? The cdr file needs to maintain the formats.

hope anybody can help - I need it to burn audio




Hamburg, Germany                      

In newsgroups please reply also by email - thanks

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