Help me out! save my lost work.

Help me out! save my lost work.

Post by Koen Deforch » Fri, 19 Dec 1997 04:00:00


If you have StarOffice 4.0 running, then you very probably can help
me out within only 2 minutes, and save over 1 day of work of me,
pure student.

I have a Staroffice 3.1 file that when read it into Staroffice 3.1
gives a Floating Point error, and the app closes down. A * bug
in 3.1 i guess, and hopefully repaired in the 4.0 beta. If you
can just read my file, save it as an .xls file, and send it back
to me, it would be worth to me a million. (it's about a StarCalc
file, the Ms Excel counterpart). (the 4.0 beta crashes whenever I
try to startup StarCalc overher :( )




1. Red Hat: A.OUTs (ZMAGIC & QMAGIC) still not working right (status rpt)

I have Red Hat Picasso (ELF) running.  I installed the A.OUT support.

However, ...
        1) The default install does not install the sym link correctly,
           linking /lib/ to /usr/i486-linuxaout/lib/
           Therefore, after the initial installation, neither ZMAGICs nor
           QMAGICs will run.
        2) If I do the sym link mentioned above, then both ZMAGICs and
           QMAGICs work.
        3) Alternatively (i.e., if I remove the sym link), but do ldconfig,
           then QMAGICs start to work, but still ZMAGICs don't.  My
           /etc/ file is shown below:


Obviously, by creating the sym link, I have a workaround, but I am curious
as to what the grand explanation for all this is.  Would getting a newer
version of help?  My current version is, dated 2/25/96.

In particular, I'd like to know why ZMAGICs still don't work, after running
ldconfig.  Note that after running ldconfig, I do "strings /etc/"
and gets lots of references to the i486-linuxaout dir, so obviously it now
knows about those libs.  I think those references were not there in the
original (base installation) copy of

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