Need help with stty on serial port.

Need help with stty on serial port.

Post by Darrel Dav » Wed, 31 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm in a situation where I need to cat a serial port
to get a stream of ASCII data.  I am able to see the
input using minicom but can't seem to get the stty settings
correct to get the raw ASCII in from the serial port.

Has anyone else had luck with this?  I used to do it for
a site under SVr3.  Anyone with some stty magic for setting
the port?

Any help appreciated.


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  I have a modem connected to a serial port and need to suppress the EOT
(End Of Transmission) signal.  Under SCO OpenServer, you could use the
command 'stty' on the port with the option 'raw' which would take care of
this.  Linux (at least RH7) does not seem to define 'raw' the same way for
  I want the modem to stay connected after the transmission.  We are using
the modem to print to a remote printer connected directly to a modem at the
remote site.  When we print to the serial port (through the modems to the
printer) it works... but as soon as the program that is doing the printing
ends, the modem hangs up regardless of whether it finished printing
everything in it's buffer.  We are using BASIS Pro5 program to do the
printing, which we have done successfully in the past under SCO

Thanks for any help or tips,
  Scott Navarre

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