Could someone help with lyx/latex/tex?

Could someone help with lyx/latex/tex?

Post by Praedor Tempu » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

OK, I have read the man help, too cryptic
and assume prior knowledge.  I have searched the web
and so far, everything that relates to this question
I have examined has, again, assumed prior extensive
knowledge of tex/latex.

I am using lyx 1.0.5 and am trying two different
bibliography app/frontends to bibtex.  The one
I prefer is called sixpack.  There is no documentation
with sixpack.

I have a bibliography database that I can load into
sixpack.  When I try to export it to bibtex format,
nothing happens and nothing is produced.  The original
database remains alone and lonely.  When I select the
"insert into lyx" option (or Alt-1), nothing happens.

I have added the  \serverpipe "~/.lyx/lyxpipe"
line to my lyxrc file as required.

Is ANYONE using sixpack and lyx together successfully?
If so, could you PLEASE tell me what I have to do to
make lyx read in a bibliography database and actually
accept or create proper citations from said database?

Sixpack is supposed to be able to insert the citation,
but I believe you first need to load the database into



1. Latex/dvips/lyx help!

  Hi.  I'm trying to get Lyx working on my Slackwarer 3.0 system.  It seems
to run fine unless I try and print :(.  

  The problem seems to be with dvips.  If I tell Lyx to print to the
printer, it runs the document through tex, but dvips stops witha message
about not finding a configuration file for my printer (lp).  BTW, there IS a
printcap entry for lp.  It runs "magicfilter" and I have no problem printing
ascii text or postscript to me HP deskjet.

  Now, if I tell Lyx to print to a file (, dvips seems to get a
bit farthur.  However, it still bombs out with a message about not being
able to find a scecific font.  I DO, however, have the font it is looking
for.  The font shows up in /usr/lib/texmf/fonts/tmp/pk/CanonCX, but dvips
can't seem to find it.

  I know almost nothing about how this system is supposed to work, and I
can't figure out where it's even looking for the files it needs.

  If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.  I've tried installing
every TeX package I could (except the obviously unneeded ones like unusual
fonts.)  I've looked at every man page I could think of.  The dvips man page
says to look in dvips.texi, which I don't have...



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