anykey and olvwm

anykey and olvwm

Post by Jonathan H. N. Ch » Fri, 25 Mar 1994 21:23:13

Has anyone found a way to map the Gateway "anykey" keyboard such that
the set of function keys on the left side perform the same functions
as on a sun (front, back, copy, paste, etc) while leaving the function
keys along the top available?

I am guessing something along the lines of mapping the left side keys
to an escape sequence, but I am unsure if X looks at that level or lower.

Finally, where would I want to look to enable this?
ol[v]wm source would probably be a good start. Anywhere else?


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anykey and olvwm

Post by David Marpl » Fri, 25 Mar 1994 22:22:12

I've got my anykey set up to switch between VCs.  All I did was hit
CTRL-PROGRM_MACRO and then key the appropriate sequence.  When
finished hit PROGRM_MACRO again and its then stored.

I know this isn't *quite* what you want to do, but provided that there
are equiv. keysequences for each of the operations that you wish to
perform (I don't use olvwm, so I don't know) it shouldn't be a
problem.  As far as I'm able to tell the keyboard itself justs sends
the expanded macro, the machine never knows that the keys themselves
weren't pressed.

Hope this helps - e-mail for more.



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