Recovering System

Recovering System

Post by alan » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Could some one please help me with a problem.  I was running a system with
NT and Red Hat 5. Every thing went haywire when I changed the hard disk
positions. NT is now on my primary master and linux on secondary master +
secondary slave. I recovered NT and used linloader to try and boot linux. I
got an error message saying Media change!
However, I was still allowed to proceed after giving my password but can
only go as far as the shell promt. It will not fire up Xserver from startX
and gives a wierd reason for this (can't remember).  Any one got any ideas
how to get the system back, I don't want to reinstall and risk losing any

Cheers Alan.


1. Help! recover system

I was browsing the web by netscape. suddenly, my harddisk became very busy
and then it's dead(no any sound but the light was on, and any key was no
responding). I have to shutdown the power and restart.
Then the system recovered the file system, but finially it told me I have to
use root password to enter to repair the filesystem, or press Crtl+D to
reboot. If I choose reboot everything will be like the first time. If I
choose entering as a root. I cann't delete any file, it always show the
information:"cannot unlink 'XXXX.XXX':Read-Only file system".
What can I do. :-(
I don't want reinstall the system.

thank you for any suggestion.

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