Lizards : R*pt*n for Linux SVGAlib

Lizards : R*pt*n for Linux SVGAlib

Post by John M D » Fri, 08 Dec 1995 04:00:00

About Lizards.

Lizards is a clone of R*pt*n from the old BBC Micro and B**ld*rd*sh from the
C64/spectrum. It's a run-around-collect-em-up type game, running under Linux
using the most excellent SVGAlib and Brad Pitzel's excellent soundIt library
(included in this release).

This release runs in 640x480x256 mode. If your system is unable to handle
this, drop me an e-mail and I can provide a (mega fast, but inferior)
320x200 version.

No-one needs gameplay instructions, but here are some features:

A few pre-designed levels

Built-in level editor (any volunteers want to design any more levels? I'm
   no good at it :( )

Cool noises

Bizarre Knitted monsters (a scottish trait - we knit our relatives here)

Hideous leathery eggs

*y irritating square things

and much more......


Anyway, here's what you do.

Control Keys:

Cursors for movement, alternatively QAOP may also be used.

Escape commits suicide - in case you get stuck somewhere. NOTE: This does
*not* reset the level, as it did on previous versions. This makes the game
slightly less frustrating, but creates endless possibilites of screwing the
level up and being unable to finish without.....

X which resets the level, but costs you a life.

M Shows the map, if you have it.

Smily-ometer, is your score. The ultimate goal is to have four blazing white
smileys with shades.


Level Editor. Not much of a front end here, but functional. The cursor is
simply a copy of the current block. The current block can be cycled by using
the UP and DOWN cursor keys (NOT on the numeric keypad). The cursor may be
moved using QAOP, and a blcok placed by pressing the Spacebar. You can move
to next and previous levels using the Numeric Keypad UP and DOWN.

NOTE: There is no validity checking - if anyone thinks it's worthwhile, let
me know and I'll do it. A valid level must have (1) One incident of the
character. (2) At least One diamond.

And that's about it, except for....


This game was basically written in 4 days. I am one of those unfortunates
with only 8Mb of memory and am therefore somewhat reluctant to run X. I
decided to produce a wheen-load of games to run on the linux console. This
is the first of these games (and in fact the first game I've ever written!).
Before I go any further, my e-mail address is

and my snail mail address is

          John M Dow
          Flat 17
          15 Cowgatehead

This software is provided under the GNU General Public License. Please read
the file COPYING in this directory.


As the sun beats down and I lie on the bench,
   I can always hear them talk;
Me, I'm just a lawnmower - you can tell me by the way I walk.


1. Linux Lizards

Due to the immense number of people asking me where it is, I honestly have
to say "I don't know". Lizards disappeared from the Incoming directory of tree some time ago and hasn't materialised
anywhere else (that I've been able to find). However, for all you SVGA
junkies, I'm uploading it to my (rather scabby) homepage sometime this
evening. For all those who kill sigs, it's at:

Hope you like. It even has a Makefile :)


 / Neiggggghhhhh-burz-a! Ev-ry-bo-dy-needs-guid- Neiggggghhhhh-burz-a! /

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