Ensoniq Soundscape board and Linux?

Ensoniq Soundscape board and Linux?

Post by Kevin Mocklin - ML05-5/E71 - DTN 223-4859 - (5 » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 22:56:09


I am thinking about buying the Ensoniq Soundscape sound card, but I
want to make sure it will work with Linux.  Ensoniq says that the
Soundblaster compatibility is done at a software level, so I am not
convinced that the Soundblaster driver will definitely work.  The
harware-howto does not mention the card.

So does anyone have any experience with this card?  Also, how about
the Creative Labs AWE32, or the MediaVision Pro-3D?


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1. Ensoniq SoundScape board

I have had absolutely no luck getting Linux to work with my Ensoniq Soundscape.
I tried compiling with Soundblaster support, and it worked, but since the mixer
on my board isn't compatible with the SB mixer, everything played at a
blaringly distorted loud volume, and the MIDI just didn't work at all.

Board: Ensoniq Soundscape (16-bit wavetable board)
 Info: Ensoniq 16 megabit Waveform ROM, Patch RAM
  CPU: Motorola 68000 series (all it says on the box...)
CODEC: 16 bit (well, duh...)

Compatibility (according to Ensoniq):
        Adlib, Soundblaster*, General MIDI, Windows Sound System, MT-32,
        MPC Level 1&2, FM (Software emulation)
 --> The "*" says: Except for the few software titles using ADPCM

I have the CDROM interface disabled (I use the card that came with my drive, as
it works just fine).

IRQ's: 2, 5, 7, 10
DMA's: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6

It works great in DOS/Win-doze, but who wants to use Windoze?  Someone please
let me know if there are Soundscape drivers available or if I can compile the
kernel with compatible options...


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