smtpd/smtpfwdd - chroot error

smtpd/smtpfwdd - chroot error

Post by Olivier LARRIGAUDIER » Sat, 24 Nov 2001 07:16:08


    I try to configure sendmail with smtpd/smtpfwdd.
    I have in /var/log/mail.err this error message:
        Nov 21 21:37:25 centaure smtpd[253]: Couldn't chroot to
directory /var/spool/smtpd! (Operation not permitted)

    I use the smtpd user to start smtpd because I don't want to use the
root user (not recommended in the install instruction of smtpd).

    I use a debian linux.

Thanks for your help



1. Can't construct AIX 4.1 chroot() area where DNS works (for smtpd)

Howdy.  I have an AIX workstation that I'm trying to set up to be
as hacker-proof as possible, so I'm installing's "smtpd" sendmail

The Makefile includes compile flags for AIX, so obviously there's some way
to get smtpd to work on the platform, but I have been failing because I
can't seem to construct a chroot() tree where DNS works.  Every host that
connects to port 25, including localhost, produces an error in the syslog
of the form:

    Jun 21 18:07:09 my_machine smtpd[17162]: No reverse mapping for address (5)

Error code (5) is the SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE #define from /usr/include/netdb.h,
a kind of catchall error case.

I first tried copying the obvious files (/etc/resolve.conf etc.) into my
chroot() tree, but that didn't help, so I eventually copied in ALL of the
files from /etc (though no files from subdirectories of /etc) and all the
files from /usr/lib (though no files from subdirectories of same).  I then
used mknod and chmod to make a mirror image of the /dev directory (though
not /dev/pts/).  None of this helped.

You can try this out without smtpd.  To take an example from a
comp.unix.solaris thread where the way to fix this same problem on _that_ OS
was discussed, try (as root):

    % mkdir -p /your_chroot_dir/usr/bin
    % cp -p /usr/bin/finger /your_chroot_dir/usr/bin

    finger: Unknown host localhost

This will happen even if you've made a /your_chroot_dir/etc/hosts with
"localhost" in it and an etc/netsvc.conf telling name lookup to look there.

Does anyone know what magic file(s) need(s) to get copied into the chroot()
jail so that DNS will work there?  Did I just not go far enough in stopping
before duplicating the subdirectories of /dev, /etc, and /usr/lib?

Naturally, I'd like to construct the minimum-size chroot() tree that'll work.

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Unitech Research, Inc. | your Subject to bypass or finger me for more info.

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